ICSI Treatment

Overcome Infertility with ICSI Treatment in Delhi

With technological revolution in the field of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), male infertility can no longer deprive a couple of their biological child. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a specialized procedure that falls under IVF treatment in which a single live sperm is directly injected into an egg for fertilization. Mother’s Lap IVF Center has a team of specialists and embryologists who have successfully completed this procedure for many couples with male infertility issues.

ICSI Treatment

The procedure starting from retrieval of mature eggs and extracting a single sperm with the help of needle like instrument. With great precision, this live sperm is injected into the mature egg slowly and the needle is removed after that. These eggs are kept in an incubator for overnight and then checked for fertilization. Depending upon the age of female and other related factors, required number of fertile embryos is then transferred into her uterus.

This whole procedure requires high degree of precision with expertise and our clinic boasts of the specialists who are capable to do that. Also we have all the facilities like tests, checkups, etc. related to it at our clinic to save our patients from the strain of traveling to various centers separately for each of these.

ICSI Treatment Delhi Giving Baby Joy in your Life

The ICSI Treatment in Delhi give couples a chance to avoid taking donor sperm and the child has genetic elements of biological parents. We have affordable and modern techniques as required for this treatment at our clinic. Under the guidance of Dr.Shobha Gupta, our entire staff is focused day and night primarily to ensure the success of any fertility treatment given to the childless couples approaching us. This treatment is far more worthy than the ICSI cost in Delhi.

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