Our Centre

The clinic is endowed with state of the art equipments for brilliant services in assisted reproductive technology. We have the most advanced facilities as well as laboratories to take care of all your needs under one roof. Our high quality services are unique in their own special way.

We strive to make miracles happen to you for your ‘little one’, helping you realize your dream. The centre is well equipped to give you all the special care that you need with a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors as well as other professionals.

Renowned in the country and abroad, we believe in giving world class treatment to the patients and take care of all their concerns. Leading the country into a new era of ART with a high rate of success, we are at your service in the most desirable way. We have an infrastructure of International Standards which meets the demands of overseas patients.

Accepting various challenges in the field of infertility treatment, we have come a long way in experience and still we believe we have miles to go..