Diagnosis And Consultation


The most crucial step in the process of overcoming the problem of infertility is accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of the components of infertility in both male and female partner.  At Mother’s Lap IVF you will experience that the state of the art infrastructure will give you exactly what you need in terms of precise diagnosis and round the clock assistance in every step.  The diagnosis is generally carried out in these steps-

Assessment of ovulation

A number of hormones interact to make the egg mature and ready to be fertilized with the sperm. However, in case of hormonal imbalance, there may occur a defect/problem in the egg and affect its quality. This is evaluated through basal body temperature charts, urinary testing kits, ultrasound, and progesterone hormone levels.

In case these steps yield inadequate results then blood sample is taken to determine FSH estrogen and AMH. When FSH level is high, it usually indicates reduced ovarian reserve.

Semen Analysis

This test is conducted to determine the quality and amount of a man’s semen and sperm.  The test helps to identify the how the semen thickens into a solid and turns back into a liquid, the volume of semen, movement of the sperm (motility), number and structure of the sperm.  It can determine if there is a problem in sperm production or if it is the quality of the sperm that is causing infertility.

Analysis Patency of the Fallopian Tube

The fallopian tube which facilitates the passage of the egg to the sperm may be blocked in some cases.  Our clinic staff ensures that you get the ladies get the most comfortable environment during the ultrasound test to determine the status of the fallopian tube. This is essential as fertilization of egg cannot take place in case of a blocked or damaged fallopian tube.

Assessment of Uterine Health

Deteriorating uterine health is one of the major causes of infertility. We carry out a detailed assessment of the uterus to ensure that there are no risks of miscarriage through optimum embryo implantation. This is of paramount importance for healthy growth and delivery of a baby.


Consultation at Mother’s Lap IVFis not only a hassle free but a comfortable and soothing affair.  The infertility specialist will carry out the preliminary investigation and evaluate your medical history.  If needed be, a pelvic ultrasound will be taken. The results will indicate both male and female infertility components of your problem.  Thereafter you can have a detailed plan of the treatment discussed with Dr. Shobha Gupta who will guide you through the best and the most cost effective treatment.  You will then be close to realizing your dream.