Patient Resources

It is a common phenomenon to be apprehensive about what the future holds for you when you first come to know about the problems in conceiving and so on.  It is best to do a good deal of research before you set out of your home for seeking help.  It is a good first step as it will help you understand  what kind of problems are there and what are the options you can choose from. In the preliminary stage this will help you get prepared mentally for what you expect and raise your hopes as your find the number of options available.

Our website guides you through the same preliminary stage and how to go about things in situations as you are facing. It is therefore advised that you understand everything with an open mind and let your doubts fade away as you comprehend the problems and the solutions.

For the diagnosis and a detailed information on what options you have after the problem is diagnosed, we have our specialist doctors and you can consult them through e-mail, phone or by paying a visit, all as per your convenience.