Our Success Rate

Our Success rate is as high as 60% in IVF and a superb 70% in Surrogacy. This level of achievement is seen as a result of the dedicated efforts of the whole team of Mother’s Lap IVF Center to bring that happiness in the lives of couples.

We have enabled even highly complicated case history patients to become parents. In situations where the treatment cycle fails owing to complications, we have the provision of semen and embryo banks wherein the freezing of embryos rule out the need for repeated surgeries.

Delivering healthy babies through IVF, surrogacy, ICSI, etc. we have achieved a high overall rate of success owing to the specialized attention we give to our patients in at every stage while they undergo the treatment.

We strive to make those miracles happen and thereby establish our success in the best possible manner. We have built for ourselves a castle of trust which rises higher as we provide services to a growing number of couples every day.  Our success travels far and wide through word of mouth by our previous patients.  The center follows the motto ‘Your success in having a child is our achievement’