Fertility And Health

For any fertility treatment to be successful, your body should be healthy enough to withstand the effects of pregnancy. It requires special attention and caring to increase the probability of conception. Our infertility specialists and panel of gynaecologists at Mother’s Lap IVF Center provide you with useful guidelines for improving the level of fertility. Basically, to be perfectly in baby-making condition, the intended mother has to be extra precautionary about her diet and physical healthiness. As we are the best centre for fertility and reproductive health in India, hence we assure best solution to your infertility problem.

Our experts recommend proper diet for better ovulation. It implies that high intake of food full of antioxidants, zinc, minerals, and vitamins can lead to better fertility. All these nutrients are found aplenty in green vegetables, cereals, citrus fruits, eggs, etc. So eat healthy to be more fertile.

Alcohol and caffeine are the factors that can deprive you of parenthood if remains uncontrolled. Alcohol decreases the sperm count in men and can cause birth defects if taken by a pregnant woman. Similarly, caffeine can also hamper the fertility level in them.

They further advice the intended parents to do controlled exercise regularly as it not only improves the health but also their chances of conception. However, rigorous exercises can harm the fertility hormones.

Distressing is the vital cause of decreased fertility as stress often leads to negative impact on egg and sperm production in the body. Whatever acts as your stress buster, should be included in your daily routine.

At Mother’s Lap IVF Center, our doctors hold discussions and prolonged sessions with intended parents on steps to be taken for comprehensive planning of the IVF programme.