State Of Art Facilities

With the most advanced and high quality equipments, instrumentation and laboratory set up, we are adept at providing complete care and solutions to our patients. We have facilities to arrange for surrogate mother, as also the most comprehensive semen bank to match the physical appearance of the intended couple with that of donors and surrogates.

In addition to latest facilities for infertility evaluation and diagnosis in both male and female patients, we provide them with the best of our support through guidance and counseling as per the requirements of the patient and family.  The whole team of professionals and staff is available round the clock for any assistance required.

Our facilities give high level of comfort and convenience to the patients so that they are at ease during the whole of procedure as each and every small factor contributes in the delivering a healthy child.

From maintaining the best levels of hygienic environment to procuring the latest equipments for treatment and testing, we believe in giving the most advanced facilities to our patients and the care that they need.