International Patient

India is growing at a fast pace in all the fields and industries.  In addition to providing high quality treatment of medical conditions at low rates, we are also adept at taking care of our guests and make their stay a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Mother’s Lap IVF family assists you in all the matters related to your travel, accommodation, tourism, and most importantly, your treatment.  We encourage you to visit our state, visit beautiful places and return to your home with ‘bun in the oven’!

India, the second largest country in terms of population welcomes you to the world of opportunities. We offer you affordable treatment as well as travel plans.  Mother’s Lap IVF is well able to take care of all your needs while you stay in India for your treatment.

We arrange for private vehicles to travel inside the city and the nearby region. Also, we have highly reliable associates who can take care of your travel plans outside the city. They serve you through customized travel packages and arrange accommodations and other related things. They have the capacity to address all your concerns.

While you get the best treatment and wait for ‘the blessing of child’ to be realized, you may take a tour of the Incredible India.  We cater for patients from across the globe. India has now become a hub for fertility tourism owing to easy availability of Donors and Surrogates and world class infrastructure to take care of overseas patients.